How to take care of yourself while taking care of others!


with Bodynamic Analyst Lene Wisbom + Ivan Raphael

Working with the body psychology and create changes to activate new personal resources.

In these 3 days we will play, dance, and talk about specific areas in the body around the theme energy management, grounding, boundaries and how to take things less personal.

The muscle groups that support the capacities to take care of yourself while taking care of others are in the stomach, chest and neck, how we stand on the ground and keep our boundaries not to go into compassion fatigue.

  • Why are these muscles important in interpersonal resilience?
  • How can we prevent feeling overwhelmed in interaction?
  • How can we learn to hold our ground in the contact with another in need?
  • How can we develop the personal resource and skills that support us to offer our assistance and still keeping healthy boundaries?

To take care of ourselves while taking care of others isn’t always that simple. It takes skills and personal resources to help and support another in need while maintaining a connectedness to our sense of inner balance.
We are easily impacted in interactions in our professional lives – and in our lives in general. But we can learn to build and maintain a felt sense of integrity in interactions.

One of the deepest learning methods in humans is mirroring. It is through mirroring that children learn from their parents how to be human. As children, we imitate – mirror – how the adults do when they talk, eat, are angry, happy and so on. It is the same mechanism that is at work when clients or students need help to change as adults.

The client learns from who you are, regardless of which technique or method you use. The client learns from you. This insight can do away with “consideration” for the clients and give them the opportunity to gain experience to be themselves and teach us to take care of ourselves, because we also mirror the client.

Date in Danmark: August 30 to September 1, 2024 from 10-17 Friday and Saturday, Sunday from 10 – 14.
Teaching place: LIGE HER – LIGE NU, Ingemannsvej 3 C, 2. sal – 1964 Frederiksberg C, Denmark.
Teaching language: Dansk + Engelsk – Max 20 deltagere
Registration paper: – Link

Price: 3.300 Kr./ 450 € for all days. Early Bird: 2.950 Kr./ 400 € before July 1, 2024.

Payment to: Wisbom ApS, Nordea, DK: 2680 Kontonr: 9035581283
Transfer: IBAN number: DK1920009035581283, SWIFT/ BIC CODE: NDEADKKK