For Bodynamic Practitioner’s

3’ Days of Functional Anatomy with Bodynamic Analyst Lene Wisbom

For Bodynamic Practitioners – an deepening into using the functional anatomy as a therapist, supervisor, and group facilitator.

The 3 main toolboxes we use – the Ego-Functions, Character Structures and Ego Aspects – gives a lot of opportunities of developing skills for yourself and your clients.

In these 3 days we will play, dance, and talk about 3 specific muscles from breast cage into the hip developed in the Autonomy phase.

– How do these 3 muscles work together and what happens if they don’t
– How they are developing skills to be more centered, balanced, and flexible
– How to revive the sense of freedom in our movements from upper to lower body
– Which other muscles can enhance these skills from earlier or later Character Structures

In all my years as a Bodynamic Therapist and teacher I have seen what it does to a person to work and deepen into m. psoas major, m. quadratus lumborum and m. piriformis – all 3 activated in Autonomy age and regulating the balance in the hip into the legs anatomically and being part of the Ego Functions Connectedness, Centering and Social Balance. How to work with them, wake them up, strengthen them or make them more flexible physically and psychologically?

Date in Denmark: May 25 – 27, 2023
Teaching place: at a beautiful Old heritage Inn/ Hotel in Vester Skerninge on Fyn – at the countryside accessible with public transport from Airport or train station.
Accommodation: at the hotel or nearby Airbnbnot included in the price
Number of participants: between 8 – 24
For more information write to

Starters fee:  500 Kr./ 70€ after submission.
Price excl. fee:  2.485 Kr./ 335 € for all days. Early Bird:  2000 Kr./ 270 € before February, 2023.
Payment to: Sparekassen Danmark, DK: 9070 Kontonr: 2022058552
Transfer: IBAN number: DK6090702022058552, SWIFT CODE: VRAADK21
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