3′ days of Functional Anatomy May/ June 2024

with Bodynamic Analyst Lene Wisbom + Ivan Raphael

A deepening into using the functional anatomy as a therapist, supervisor, and group facilitator.

The 3 main toolboxes we use – the Ego-Functions, Character Structures and Ego Aspects – gives a lot of opportunities of developing skills for yourself and your clients.

In these 3 days we will play, dance, and talk about specific muscles in the body around the theme of Attachment, self-awareness and boundaries. The focus will be on the  Serratus, Pectoralis and Deltoid muscles + some others.

– How do these muscles work together?

– How to develop skills to be and feel connected and build healthy relationships?

– How to sense the deep heart contact and connect there from? 

– Which other muscles can enhance these skills from earlier or later Character Structures?

In my many years as a Bodynamic Therapist and teacher I have seen the impact it has had on a person to work and deepen into mm. serratus, mm. pectoralis and mm. deltoideus – activated from early age and will be deeply affected by trauma through our life.
The anatomical functions and the Ego Functions Connectedness, Boundaries and Interpersonal Skills will be dealt with theoretically and experientially. How to work with them, wake them up, strengthen them or make them more flexible physically and psychologically to enrich our relationships and inner self.

Date in Denmark: May 31 to June 2, 2024 from 10-17 Friday and Saturday, Sunday from 10 – 14.

Teaching place: My place. Max 10 participants

Accommodation: At local Airbnb/ B&B/ Hotel For more information write to lene@bodynamic.dk

Starters fee: 500 Kr./ 70€ to submit. 

Price: 3.300 Kr./ 450 € for all days. Early Bird: 2.950 Kr./ 400 € before April 1, 2024.

Payment to: Wisbom ApS, Nordea, DK: Reg.nr: 2680 Kontonr: 9035581283
Transfer: IBAN number: DK1920009035581283, SWIFT/ BIC CODE: NDEADKKK

Link to brochure        Link to registration paper – please send to lene@bodynamic.dk 

Transport options: By car it’s easy – it’s a little city between Svendborg and Faaborg on the island Fyn.

If you arrive by airplane to Kastrup, there are this option:

Train from CPH airport almost every ½ hour to Odense -> train to Svenborg – contact me for further info. Time around 3 hour through beautiful countryside.

Accommodation: At local Airbnb’s/ B&B or hotel. Not included

The cost of food you will supply and make yourself. We will make lunch at my place every day together. I can prepare the first dinner Thursday – If you come and have special needs, please inform me.